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We provide the following services which we can produce in any combination and customise to your business needs.


We have the experience and expertise to advise and guide you through the lifecycle of an employment dispute from start to finish.

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Mediation and Risk Management

Every business will have day-to-day employment and HR-related queries. Our helpline service will provide solutions to client’s queries by telephone or email.

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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

An Equality, Diversity and Inclusion strategy will transform your organisation by raising staff morale and productivity. It is essential for all businesses to create the right environment for the modern day workplace.

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Training and coaching

Prevent harm before it occurs. We emphasise training staff on issues such as workplace harassment, unconscious bias, data protection, equal pay, gender pay gap and many more.

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Recent Blog Posts

April 30, 2022

It’s just not cricket – institutional racism in sport

The Supreme Court judgement on whether Uber drivers are workers will have consequences beyond the ride-hailing app which will be felt throughout the gig economy.
June 26, 2021

Axis article in HR Director Magazine on The Legal Roadmap Ahead

Employment law practitioners have faced many challenges and legislative developments in the past year. It has been an immensely difficult time and more changes lie ahead.
March 22, 2021

3 implications of the Uber ruling for businesses

The Supreme Court judgement on whether Uber drivers are workers will have consequences beyond the ride-hailing app which will be felt throughout the gig economy.

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Case studies

A selection of our successful resolutions of client's problems

July 28, 2020

Governance investigation involving conflict of interest

July 28, 2020

Suicide of staff member during disciplinary proceedings


  • DP - Manager
     Axis expertly conducted reviews and audits and presented detailed and clear reports on internal systems and historical happenings. They gave solid recommendations for the way forward to strengthen the organisation's HR and accounting processes.
    DP - Manager
  • JK - Manager
    Axis quickly understood the brief from the outset and were focused and results orientated. They appreciated the sensitivities of the situation and were able to reach the facts with impartiality and professionalism. They helped us move on from a difficult and seemingly protracted problem and advised us on how to avoid it in the future.
    JK - Manager

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Makbool Javaid looks at the issue of race discrimination in sports. This article was first published in HRDirector Magazine in February 2022. https://t.co/OZCS4KftXF
#racism #cricket #DiversityandInclusion

The Equality Act 2010 allows employers to take positive action (which is lawful), but does not allow positive discrimination (which is unlawful) - is this causing confusion which is holding back employers? https://t.co/hz28jcrWeE

Gender emotional double-standards. Female leaders can be affected by a double-bind bias, that is the problem of a mismatch between what is expected from a leader and what behaviours are expected from a woman https://t.co/XQXHt5Qumk

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