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We provide the following services which we can provide in any combination and customise them to your business needs.


We have the experience and expertise to advise and guide you through the lifecycle of an employment dispute from start to finish.

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Mediation and Risk Management

Every business will have day-to-day employment and HR-related queries. That is why we provide our helpline service in which we provide solutions to client’s queries by telephone or email.

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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

An Equality, Diversity and Inclusion strategy will transform your organisation by raising staff morale and productivity. It is essential for all businesses to create the right environment for the modern day workplace.

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Training and coaching

Prevent harm before it occurs. We emphasise training staff on issues such as workplace harassment, unconscious bias, data protection, equal pay, gender pay gap and many more.

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We can advise on dealing with any grievance raised by an employee or on disciplinary procedures that you wish to undertake in relation to an employee. If we judge that an investigation is needed in the process, then we will provide our investigators to help you through it. If you are involved in a dispute with any of your (former) employees, then we can provide litigation support such as a witness familiarisation service.

We can conduct workplace investigations into a variety of issues arising from employment relations. Our expert investigators are able to gather, collate and forensically analyse evidence, allowing for better informed decisions to be taken by management on the appropriate course of action.

We can assist in providing experienced chairpersons to chair grievance hearings, disciplinary hearings, performance processes and ill-health processes. You can thereby be assured that these processes are handled in a professional and compliant manner.

Mediation and
Risk Management

We can assist in resolving disputes through the intervention of an experienced mediator who understands the dynamics and complexities in the workplace. A successfully mediated dispute avoids the costs, time and risks associated with litigation, and provides the parties with the ability to tailor an outcome that suits them. It also ensures confidentiality.

Our mediation services extend to all types of disputes including those involving senior executives, wages and other conditions of employment and inter-personal disputes between employees.

We can train selected members of your team to understand the benefits of mediation and create an internal dispute resolution mechanism to transform the culture of your organisation.

As part of our focus on minimising and preventing risk, we provide audit services whereby we carry out audits and provide recommendations as to remedial action on the health of your HR, data protection or sponsor licence compliance.

Equality, Diversity
and Inclusion

Research shows that having a diverse workforce gives companies a competitive advantage – increased creativity, reduced employee turnover, and higher innovation.

Equality is a necessary foundation to diversity and inclusion which cannot be implemented effectively without robust policies and procedures first being in place.

As systemic equality and diversity practitioners we are experienced in creating conversations that set a context for the hopes, aims and outcomes of employers as they seek to develop a diverse workforce, and build deeper connections with their customers, clients and stakeholders.

We provide bespoke training on all aspects of equality, diversity and inclusion to create the cultural shift required, including how to recognise and deal with unconscious/conscious bias in the workplace and bullying & harassment

We have helped employers to identify barriers in achieving their equality, diversity and inclusion objectives by conducting comprehensive ‘diversity audits’ which has led to improved organisational policy formulation and a more inclusive workforce

Training and coaching

We offer practical and innovative training solutions to equip HR personnel and management with the tools to deal with the full range of matters that are the feature of the modern workplace. Training topics include the maintenance of discipline in the workplace, the management of poor work performance, the management of ill-health, the management of sexual harassment matters and workplace discrimination.

We can draw on the international experience of our team to create solutions that will up skill both managers and HR teams in tackling employment issues.

We can assist in identifying problem areas in the working relationship and solutions to ensure harmony in the workplace.

We can assist in conducting processes to reliably establish the representation or numbers of members of trade unions where this is contentious.


We run a suite of coaching services for clients that include:

  • Executive coaching for leaders and managers
  • Career coaching for anyone who is thinking of developing their career in a new way or moving into a more senior position
  • Coaching for New Managers covering a number of challenges for new managers such as self-management, personal and organisational value alignment, developing stakeholder relationships, growing resilience and managing performance in others
  • Group Coaching where a group of colleagues bring issues to discuss in a safe and confidential space whilst learning coaching and facilitation techniques

Leadership Training

A range of leadership training options depending on client requirements

The Creative Leader
  • What kind of leader are you or do you want to be?
  • Your Values/Inspiration
  • Building Confidence and Resilience
  • Your network and how it can challenge you to think differently
  • Using brainstorming to get the best out of your team
  • Using story techniques for building a strategic vision
  • Managing your career and future goals - what is your creative legacy?
The Innovative Leader
  • Aligning business values with your values
  • Understanding the business, where it’s going and your role in taking it there
  • Resilient thinking and a 360 degree perspective
  • What about the audience/consumer? - using audience/consumer insights to innovate
  • Change and adapt to survive - How to embrace risk and challenge
  • Aligning creativity with business strategy
  • Partnerships
The Responsive Leader
  • Your team and how you communicate with them - Using the PSI (a basic psychometric test that helps new leaders discover their strengths, development areas and impact on others)
  • Using a coaching style of leadership - listening and asking powerful questions
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Running great meetings and rooting out negativity
  • Setting Objectives and Giving Feedback
  • Dealing with difficult conversations and assertiveness issues
  • Managing Up - or how to think like your bosses’ boss

Diversity and inclusion

Diversity in the workplace has become a major goal for many companies. The link between workplace diversity and employee engagement is straightforward, when employees feel included they are more engaged. It can give companies a serious competitive advantage – faster problem solving, increased creativity, reduced employee turnover, increased profits and higher innovation. During the day we cover:

  • The business case
  • Understanding unconscious bias
  • The role of leadership
  • Recruitment, selection and retention
  • Developing a plan
  • Monitoring and evaluation

Having Difficult Conversations

We all dread having conversations where we have to deliver difficult messages to our teams or colleagues, usually because we worry emotions will get in the way. In this session you will learn the following:

  • Understanding the amygdala hijack and why we and others lose our tempers
  • Techniques to remain in control
  • How to structure a conversation
  • Feedback models
  • How to close the conversation
We work with professional actors and you have the opportunity to practice a conversation with feedback from experts. You will approach difficult conversations with tried and tested skills and by the end of the day have the confidence to know you can stay calm and focussed.

Coaching Skills for Managers

In this day you will learn about how to communicate using a coaching style to deliver positive benefits in managing people such as motivation, greater confidence and goal setting. Coaching skills also help to increase emotional intelligence in the form of greater self-awareness and understanding and management of others. In this day we cover:

  • The GROW model of coaching
  • Active listening and the three levels of listening
  • Asking incisive questions
  • Reading others and their moods
  • When and where to use a coaching approach
  • Helping others to reach their potential
There will be opportunities during the day to practice coaching and receive feedback and to think about how to tailor a coaching approach specifically for your direct reports.

How to have Inspiring Meetings

How often to you find yourself in a meeting wondering why you are there and what is the purpose of the meeting? In this half day we cover:

  • How to prepare an agenda
  • How to chair and best contribute to a meeting
  • Structuring a meeting
  • How to get great ideas from the group
  • How to get consensus and buy in
  • How to deal with those who don’t speak and those who speak to much
At the end of the day you will have the confidence to run and participate in meetings knowing how to get the best ideas from the group and, most importantly, followed up with action.

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