June 26, 2021

Axis article in HR Director Magazine on The Legal Roadmap Ahead

Employment law practitioners have faced many challenges and legislative developments in the past year. It has been an immensely difficult time and more changes lie ahead.
March 1, 2021

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March 1, 2021

Pediatric nurse blew the whistle on race-based shift work

In the case of Miss J Panahian-Jand v Barts Health NHS Trust a paediatric nurse who complained about
February 26, 2021

Uber in the Supreme Court

In the case of Uber BV and others v Aslam and others in the Supreme Court, the main question raised was whether an Uber driver is a "worker" for the purposes of employment legislation which
November 20, 2020

A Fresh and Radical Approach to the Draft Code on the Prevention of Violence and Harassment in the World of Work

November 20, 2020

How to avoid Meltdown after Lockdown | Axis HR Consulting Launch Event | 5 August 2020

COVID 19 represents the biggest challenge faced by employers in decades. Make your company thrive and not just survive. Axis HR is a multi-disciplined consultancy that […]
August 17, 2020

Out of Court Settlement for a Broadcasting Company

July 28, 2020

Governance investigation involving conflict of interest

July 28, 2020

Suicide of staff member during disciplinary proceedings

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